Mother of Garnett Spears may be charged for the death of her son

Chestnut Ridge resident Lacey Spears, who gathered attention to the plight of her sick 5-year old son Garnett with a blog, might soon face charges after police concluded the child’s death was not accidental.

Spears built a following around her blog “Garnett the Great” where she chronicled her son’s treatment since infancy. During Garnett’s last stay in the hospital before he died, doctors at the Westchester County Medical Center discovered an abnormal level of sodium in his blood which suggested poisoning. Soon thereafter, the Westchester County Medical Examiner ruled the case to be a homicide.

In addition, an anonymous source reported Spears instructed a neighbor to destroy evidence she had medical tubes in her home, apparently to prevent it from being taken as evidence. The neighbor did not dispose of them and they are reported to be in the possession of the police.

Authorities have come to no conclusions, but are investigating the possibility Spears suffers from Munchausen by proxy, a rare mental disorder where parents or caregivers secretly harm others to draw sympathy for themselves.

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