Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: Cupid and Online Dating


Even after I published my findings with my groundbreaking investigation on just how dangerous and terrible online dating is, I still have people who tell me that they doubt my findings. So, to once again prove my point, I have decided to do an experiment  (again) and proof to those people who tell me that there are no trolls, catfishing is made up, and that you will find a guy who isn’t crazy, looking for just sex, and that I will actually find a “real man” on a dating site.

Here’s the experiment: Below is the online profile I have posted on 2 sites. (I won’t be telling you which ones now, only after it’s done.) I will not only prove my findings yet again, but I will also prove that guys who are looking for an “easy” target will NOT read my profile at all.  After a week, (because frankly that’s all I can take from being on these sites without throwing up) I will post my findings, messages, guys that spoke to me, etc. RULE: I will NOT be meeting ANY of these guys in person AT ALL. The whole point is to prove my original findings plus just how guys are ONLY contacting those girls based on looks, based on sexual needs, and based on the fact that you can be anyone at ANY time.

The dating profile is a little “fudged” but not all of it is. The most important thing is to see how guys react to reading it or if they actually do.

Dating Profile:

Fact: I don’t kick it with guys who are looking for just sex, who are married, (why the hell are you on here in the first place, duh, you’re taken) or guys who have no goals, no job or no money.

Likes: laughter, my kindle, honesty, music, intelligent conversations, leisurely walks, coffee, road trips, Manhattan (the place not the beverage) and anything interesting to read.

Dislikes: calories, bugs (except ladybugs and butterflies), dishonesty, eating fish, eye rolls, poor grammar/spelling, tactlessness, narcissistic guys, doing dishes, the price of gas. Oh and not pushy guys. Never those.

I don’t give out my phone number EVER, again, don’t ask.

I don’t hike and I really really don’t camp ( I only go running, or to actual sporting events)

I am Really Good At: making stupid jokes, making people think and laugh, cooking and even baking, but not doing the dishes. Hugging, and making others feel better.

Sleeping, like a rock. Napping is a hobby. I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, though sometimes I wish I wasn’t so good at it. I plan events and they’re awesome, I enjoy word search games to keep my brain moving, and I enjoy sports.

Dating online is like shoe shopping online. You know the exact kind of shoes you want, but you have to try on a lot of different pairs until you find the perfect fit. And after awhile you realize that when you want the “perfect fit,” and don’t want to deal with the middle man, the only real way to achieve that is by being patient, being real, and in person. As u get older what you look like on the outside becomes less of an issue. Who you are on the inside becomes the primary point of interest and with online dating, looks are what attract you to profile, not who the person is.  Ladies, when you raise your standards, only the boys will disappear. The men will step up to meet them.  Here’s to seeing just how many (if any) real men are ready to step it up in the week to come.

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