To the Editor,

As promised I am continuing my efforts to make Spring Valley beautiful. Over the last two weeks I have instructed our Department of Public Works to fix our Memorial Park. The children’s playground, which has been closed for over four years will be reopened and looks better than ever. I have also instructed them to sand and repaint the flag pole. This has been an eye sore in the park for years. With the efforts from our hard working employees we will have a fully functional Memorial Park within the next two weeks.

I am also moving forward with much needed repairs to our streets. We will start with Kennedy Drive which will take approximately four weeks to complete. I have also created two teams to work on the potholes in the village. One team will start in the Blueberry Hill area and another in South Spring Valley. Over the next 30 days the village residents will see major improvements in spite of the turmoil within the Board of Trustees.


Demeza Delhomme
Mayor of Spring Valley

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