Stony Point PAL to Host Major Fundraiser; Future Plans Include Skate Park, Other Projects


unnamedOn May 29 the Stony Point Police Athletic League will be hosting a 300 Club fundraiser at the Patriot Hills Club House from 5 to 8 p.m. According to Detective Andrew Kryger, the head of the Stony Point Police Department Youth Bureau, the primary goal of the event is to raise money to support several “big ticket items,” including a new skate park for Stony Point youth to enjoy.

The PAL is responsible for all fundraising toward the creation of the Stony Point Skate Park at this time and the Town of Stony Point will not finance the project apart from providing land at Vincent Clark Park on Beach Rd and East Main St.

Barring a surprise donation from a wealthy philanthropist or a large grant, the project is likely a few years from coming to fruition. Once the PAL chooses a preferred design for the project they will become eligible for many grants, speeding up the process.

Example of a concrete skate park (wiki images)
Example of a concrete skate park (wiki images)

The skate park, identified by the PAL as something long sought after by Stony Point kids of all ages, is the biggest project currently in planning, but not the only one. The PAL has for some time sponsored a series of youth dances throughout the school year, as well as Friday recreation nights which provide students a place to socialize and have fun. Last summer’s Family Fun Day was a success, and the PAL is planning an encore—bigger and better—in September.

The PAL also sponsors regular events which provide kids with activities aimed at keeping them engaged in a safe environment, off the streets and out of trouble.

Tickets for the May 29 fundraiser are $100 each and are limited; only 300 in total will be sold. Ticket holders will be able to enjoy light fare and an open bar at the Club House, and each ticket is good for a chance to win a $10,000 Grand Prize.

Since only 300 tickets will be sold, every ticket holder will have at least a one in 300 chance of winning $10,000. Second prize is $2,000 and third and fourth prizes are $500 each. In addition, participants will be able to socialize at the lovely Club House at Patriot Hills while partaking of a three hour open bar and hors d’oeuvres buffet. If the $100 price is too steep, two participants can split the cost of one ticket. Tickets are selling fast—Det. Kryger states that about 200 have already been sold.

The PAL was established by Detective George Zayas, who realized that there was a need in the community for youth oriented pursuits in addition to the plentiful sports opportunities already available. Det. Kryger, who had previously served on the PAL’s Board, took over as Youth Bureau director in October 2013. A North Rockland native himself, he has served the last nine of his 14 years as a police officer on the Stony Point force, and views the Youth Bureau as an essential component of supporting and safeguarding the needs of Stony Point’s youngest residents. He works closely with the current PAL president, Ralph Heavner, and the rest of the Board of Directors.

Just this year the PAL finally received its 501c3 nonprofit status, enabling it to hold fundraisers and apply for grants. In addition to the 300 Club fundraiser, the PAL plans to submit grant proposals to corporations and other funders, such as the Tony Hawk Foundation, in order to grow and sustain its programs and projects into the future.

Anyone can volunteer or participate in the PAL. The meetings are open to the public; the next meeting will be at the Stony Point Police Headquarters on May 19 at 7 p.m. Those interested in learning more can also log onto the Stony Point PAL Facebook page, or visit

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