The Haitian American Parade of Unity takes place this weekend


Haitian Americans are ready to have a Grand Parade of Unity this year again.

Haitian Americans are inheritors of the struggle for freedom and liberty their forefathers fought in both Haiti and the United States. Haiti won a major bottle at Vertieres in November 1803 against the Napoleon’s Troops, and declared the birth of their nation. This May 18, 2014 will be Haiti’s 210th anniversary of this auspicious event.

In 1804 most other slaves in the world had yet to accomplish anything near this feat. Haiti’s legacy helped understand the necessity for freedom and slave liberation throughout the world through participation in major battles against colonial powers in the United States and Latin American lands.

Every year just about the same date or the third Sunday of May or just after Mother’s Day, Haitian Americans and friends of all creeds and backgrounds gather at the Spring Valley Memorial Park to celebrate their forefathers efforts and parade for unity with all Haiti’s friends.

As usual, the Parade starts with a major Mass at 1 p.m. at Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Spring Valley where everyone including community persons and dignitaries gather first, and then, join a light reception at the Spring Valley Village Hall at 2:30 p.m. and prepare for salutation of the flags with both Haiti’s and American anthems before the parade starts at exactly 3 p.m. in direction of Main Street to finish at the Spring Valley Memorial Park for presentations, exaltations and cultural events.

This Year’s Parade Committee extends invitation to every ethnic groups, especially members of the Dominican, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, Cuban Americans, Guatemalan, Mexican Communities and all other members of the grand South Americans, Caribbean’s and friends from different other African, European, Asian, Pacific Americans friends to help celebrate this extraordinary time of Unity with Haitian Americans.

Any group from those ethnic communities who desire to walk in this Parade of Unity is urged to contact the committee in the following numbers 845-323-2854or 845-323-9343 or e-mail to register in advance for complete logistics and proper identification process.

For the Parade Committee:

Fresnel Sanon-Jules, Committee President

Judith LaFleur, Secretary

Vladimir Leon, Committee Member, Public Relations and Press Releaser

David Joseph, Member

Emmanuel Alexis, Member

Organization in Charge:

IFG Productions Inc.

Supporting Organizations:

HACSO, Konbit Neg Lakay, Choucoune Troop Dance Club, Lady M Creations, and The Haitian American Network and Business Foundation (HANBF)   

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