Delhomme caught on tape promising to “kill” board rivals: “I destroy people all my life, that’s what I do”

Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme does not lack for theatrical flair, including verbal gore.

Delhomme was recorded last Monday in a parking lot following a board workshop meeting shouting menacing comments regarding the ultimate fate of his political enemies on the board; namely three trustees who have formed a bloc against him.

“I’m Gonna f*** kill them – when the time gonna come, I tell you that, when the time comes, you see me f*** kill them when the time come. I’ve been doing that all my life,” Mayor Delhomme, whose voice is easily recognizable, exclaims.

The next line appears to state: “I f*** destroy people! That’s what I do all my life!”

To hear the colorful statements by Delhomme visit:

Not for children.

Reaction from the Board of Trustees and Mayor Delhomme next week.

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