Ramapo Man Says Vote Contrary to the Teachers

To the Editor,

I read with much concern that the Ramapo Teachers Association has actually endorsed two of the candidates running for the school board [Dgheim/Haward]. As a taxpayer and concerned community member one needs to ask themselves do I want to elect a candidate that the teachers are endorsing? I think not.

I want a candidate that is on the side of the taxpayers and students. We need School Board members who will work hard in the interest of students and taxpayers and not be advocates for the teachers. And now the current trend is to threaten the taxpayers with their home values going down if they don’t pass the budget [pay the teachers more].

I suspect the “Brian Miele scandal” of overpaying teachers by bumping them up in pay grades which they did not deserve may have been the tip of the iceberg. I believe we should re-visit that investigation and adjust all pay grades and unjustified payments to include pensions payments and back pay.


Dave Veraja

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