Sparaco resigns GOP Committee, following proposed inquiry by Clarkstown GOPers

County legislator and longtime GOP committeeman and party operative Frank Sparaco has announced his resignation from the GOP Committee, following news he would face a disloyalty inquiry from the Clarkstown GOP Committee contingent.

Town Chairman Bob Axelrod confirmed reports thats his Committee planned an inquiry into allegations against Sparaco of party disloyalty after the legislator showed support for Democratic Legislature candidate Barry Kantrowitz on Facebook, and due to allegations he helped secure votes for county executive candidate David Fried on the Independence Party line, as well as other issues. [Update – Axelrod has revised his statement to say the inquiry was merely a “possibility”]

Sparaco said the charges were not the reason he resigned, but rather differences in opinion with Axelrod and exhaustion from the amount of extra campaign work he had done for other candidates.

“People have no idea what I do for the Republican Party and how much work I put into it. For what? I’m taking a break, let someone else try,” said Sparaco.

Sparaco’s door-to-door organizing abilities and endless supply of energy had earned him the respect of County Chair Vincent Reda, who has lamented at times that the GOP did not have more activists like Sparaco.

His reputation as Mr. Republican took a hit when he became involved in the Independence Party, however. In 2010 Sparaco helped run out of leadership Marsha Coopersmith, former longtime Independence Party chair.

Endowed with the power of influence of the swing-vote Independence Party, Sparaco had little choice but to deal more cozily with certain Democrats. Meanwhile, many were salivating at the chance to fill up the power vacuum should Sparaco not do it himself.

Ultimately the conflict of interest led to criticism and arguably culminated in the would-be Clarkstown inquiry.

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