State Supreme Court Judge blocks Patrick Farm approvals

State Supreme Court Judge Thomas Walsh ruled recently that a planned building project on Route 202-306 could not go forward without U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approval, hindering developers until a review can proceed.

In a major victory for opponents to the controversial Patrick Farm housing development, Walsh concluded the Town of Ramapo’s Planning Board’s approval was invalid without a review of the site by the Corps to ensure protected wetlands would not be impacted by construction.

The project was contested by neighbors of the property allied Ramapo Organized for Sustainability and a Safe Aquifer (ROSA), an environmental group opposed to over-development in the Town. Three Article 78 proceedings were filed against the project and though Walsh denied one, he allowed the other two to stand.

The Town continues to support their Planning Board on the matter. Town Attorney Michael Klein argued previous court decisions affirmed the Board’s decision and that the Board’s approval was the best decision based on the information available at the time.

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