“When Juda Fell” Presented by Haverstraw Youth Theatre in Central Presbyterian Church


Written and directed by Samuel Harps, who runs Shades Repertory in North Rockland, this was a story of a youngster getting disturbed because an older woman objected to her and her boyfriend sitting on the front steps to the building in which she lived, blocking her way and the young girl’s reaction to the woman brushing past her on the stoop. Nina, played by Sienna Jeffries decides to get even and drops some oil in the older woman’s hallway. Juda, the older woman played by Moira Box falls and injures her leg.

Nina finds out about the injury and goes to Juda and apologizes. Juda accepts over a cup of tea and all is well. Jelena Jeffries plays Ninas boyfriend, Kelcie MacNamara plays a friend of Ninas and Kirsten Coyle makes her stage debut as Tory and does well. All the young actors get experience inn the Haverstraw Youth Theatre play and it was done well.

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