Indictment handed down against bank teller Marcia Campbell; amount of theft $157K higher than originally reported

Accused bank grifter, Marcia Campbell
Accused bank grifter, Marcia Campbell

The DA says Marci Campbell was the bank teller you couldn’t trust with your money. According to the DA, she targeted random customers for theft of their accounts to the tune of $187K!

That’s $157K more than the public was told she grifted when her arrest was first announced in April. Campbell, of 46 Spring Valley Commons, Spring Valley, born June 10, 1964, has been officially indicted by a Grand Jury over the allegations.

The indictment, handed down May 28,  is for the charges of grand larceny in the second and third degrees, forgery in the second degree (46 Counts) and falsifying business records in the first degree (61 counts).

District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe stated that on or about and between August 2012 and November 2013, the defendant while working as a personal banker for Key Bank, stole $150,000 from one victim and $37,025 from another without authorization from the customers.

The arrest first occurred in December 2013, but for unknown reasons was not announced until April of 2014. When the arrest was first announced authorities said she made off with $30K, but the official number turns out to be the much higher $187K.

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