Nurse’s Arrest Prompts Rockland Department of Hospitals to Enact New Drug Security Measures

County Executive: Protocols were not followed


Dawn_KellyPOMONA – New security measures for prescription medications and patient records have been enacted this week since a nurse at a Rockland County-run hospital has been accused of stealing drugs and trying to cover up the thefts by removing records, according to Rockland County Executive Ed Day.

Day said that as the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department continues its investigation of licensed practical nurse Dawn Marie Kelly, 44, of Fort Montgomery, N.Y., the county government is investigating the failure of existing security protocols that were meant to prevent such incidents.

“Right away we put new measures in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening again,” said Day, a New City Republican. “But the fact is that measures that were in place already were not followed.”

Day said he anticipates there will be internal disciplinary action against staff and supervisors who did not follow required procedures at the Dr. Robert L. Yeager County Health Complex in Pomona.

On Tuesday, the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department revealed the arrest of Kelly, who has worked for the county’s Department of Hospitals for more than 25 years. Sheriff Louis Falco III said an investigation discovered the theft of prescription drugs from the health complex and the theft of patient medical records to cover-up the theft of the drugs.

Investigators said they believe patients were not affected by the thefts and that they received the medications they were prescribed. Kelly was arrested on Monday when her car was stopped by a Sheriff’s officer at the health complex and she was found to be driving with a suspended license. Falco said stolen medications and records were found with Kelly.

Kelly was suspended from her job at the health complex after her arrest and since then has resigned from her county job, Falco said. She is accused of grand larceny, illegal drug possession, driving with a suspended license and petty larceny. Kelly faces a hearing in Ramapo Town Court on June 27.

Republished: Nyack Free Press

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