Dear Editor,

Please help us save St. John’s Church in Piermont, NY. The Archdiocesan Advisory Board has made a preliminary recommendation that St. John’s merge with St. Ann’s in Nyack, resulting in a new parish name that combines both parishes. For the most part, ministry would be held at one site: St. Ann’s, so St. John’s as we know it would eventually close. I have started a petition on CHANGE.ORG ( to stop this merger from happening.

Last year, Monsignor Mulligan was told to pack his bags because he would be turning 80-years-old, even though he was one year short of his golden anniversary. He celebrated 50 years in the priesthood this past week on Sunday, June 1, at 11:30 a.m. at a bilingual mass. We have wonderful Hispanic parishioners who have contributed immensely to the family at St. John’s. They even re-built a severely damaged seawall after super storm Sandy. The bilingual mass shows that all St. John’s parishioners can come together to celebrate our beloved Monsignor’s 50th year in the priesthood.

St. John’s has been a spiritual refuge for people during good times and bad. 9-11 families sought peace and comfort as St. John’s welcomed them with open arms, allowing comfort during such a difficult time. Even more recently, after that horrible boating accident on the Hudson, St. John’s was there to help in any way it possibly could. Fr. George Torok, St. John’s Administrator, inspired those families and friends involved to build a lighthouse to guide boaters while they traveled by night on the Hudson. This lighthouse is becoming a reality; how can we have a lighthouse with no church nearby to guide its people?

Let’s all take a stand together as a community and speak up for this beautiful treasure on the Hudson by signing the petition to save St. John’s before it is too late. Spread the word and keep the faith in St. John’s in Piermont.

Thank You

Martina Lynch (petition organizer: CHANGE.ORG)

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