Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist not happy about controversial goal

Toronto Sun

LOS ANGELES – He sat for the longest time, with face in hands, leaning forward like he was going to be ill, his head facing the floor.

Henrik Lundqvist couldn’t look up, not right away, not after the way it ended. It was too soon, too fresh, too disappointing.

He bent down and began to remove the layers of tape around his legs, slowly, methodically, not making eye contact with anyone. First the tape. Then the piece of foam by the top of his skate. Tearing slowly at the protection that is his life.

“Extremely disappointed,” seemed the first words out of his mouth. It was difficult to tell exactly what he said. The crowd around was cramped in the New York Rangers locker room. His voice was near silent. It was difficult to hear him.

The next word: “Frustrated.”

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