Area Residents Graduate from Dominican College

On May 18, 2014, Dominican College celebrated its 60th commencement, awarding diplomas to over 550 graduates.

Several area residents were granted degrees:

Vincent Accardi of Valley Cottage, BA
Daniel John Alacar of New Hempstead, BA
Jessica Aulakh of New City, BA
Khatira Azatullah of Bardonia, BA
Nisha Azhakath of Spring Valley, BA
Michael Canzona of Tappan, BA
Mobin Chacko of Nanuet, BA
Elizabeth Charlotin of Spring Valley, BA
Marie Coene of West Nyack, BA
Michele Coffey of Pearl River, BA
Cecelyn Dixon of Spring Valley, BA
Dylan Dorrian of Nanuet, BA
Steffany Egger of Stony Point, BA
Jennifer Francis of West Nyack, BA
Anton Gjeloshi of Pomona, BA
Dana Gore of Nanuet, BA
Courtney Gorman of Suffern, BA
Melissa Griffin of New City, BA
Thobile Gumede of Blauvelt, BA
Denis Herlihy of New City, BA
Barbara Jean of Spring Valley, BA
Astride Jean-Gilles of Nyack, BA
Kathryn Jentzen of Pearl River, BA
Eva Kennedy of Pearl River, BA
Diana Kinsley of Pearl River, BA
Anila Kochummen of Palisades, BA
Allison Korbein of Nyack, BA
Michael Lemon of Stony Point, BA
Elizabeth Lenahan of New City, BA
Angela Litz of Blauvelt, BA
Erin Murphy of Stony Point, BA
Thomas Nordstrom of West Nyack, BA
Anacaryn Ocasio of Haverstraw, BA
Nicole O’Dell of Stony Point, BA
Marco Oliveros of Nanuet, BA
Adaris Ortiz of Haverstraw, BA
Megan Paniza of Orangeburg, BA
Ariel Paz of Stony Point, BA
Matthew Quinones of Nanuet, BA
Christopher Reagan of Stony Point, BA
Melissa Robustello of Garnerville, BA
Natalie Rodriguez of Congers, BA
Kaitlyn Schnalzer of Stony Point, BA
Rachelle Schneider of Nanuet, BA
Kristin Smith of Sloatsburg, BA
Matthew Smith of Pearl River, BA
Julie Tuzzolino of Suffern, BA
Geena Varghese of West Nyack, BA
Brittany Verrino of Valley Cottage, BA
Mojda Wahidi of Garnerville, BA
Eileen Weir of Nanuet, BA
Sarah Wemmer of Orangeburg, BA
Brendan Woodfield of Stony Point, BA
Michelle Furspan of New City, BE
Caroline Louis-Jean of Spring Valley, BE
Jennifer Spampinato of Suffern, BE
Sophia Manalil of New City, BMS
Tara Plain of New City, BMS
Merin Plathottam of Congers, BMS
Laura Towey of New City, BMS
Michael Accardi of Valley Cottage, BS
Barbara Alfieri of Suffern, BS
Geena Amador of New City, BS
Christopher Bronson of Monsey, BS
Peter Chavez of Valley Cottage, BS
Angela Cioffi of New City, BS
Philip Giuliano of Tappan, BS
Eric Jorgensen of New City, BS
Anthony Kcira of New City, BS
Meilong Li of Suffern, BS
Joseph Malia of Nanuet, BS
Erin Martin of Congers, BS
Dave Nollido of Suffern, BS
Jessie Rosarion of West Haverstraw, BS
Jarnail Sandhu of Nanuet, BS
Juan Santana of Haverstraw, BS
Vincent Signorile of Pearl River, BS
Jordan Uffer of Stony Point, BS
Marion Aitchison of West Nyack, BSN
Katherina Almanzor of Spring Valley, BSN
Jordyn Banks of New City, BSN
Tamika Brown of Haverstraw, BSN
Mark de Jesus of Nanuet, BSN
Alexandra DiMarco of Tappan, BSN
Kimberly DiRienzo of Valley Cottage, BSN
Camille Hamlet of New City, BSN
Christina Hennessy of Pearl River, BSN
Khristian Herrera of Tappan, BSN
Shirley Jean of Nyack, BSN
Bindu John of Suffern, BSN
Jith Joseph of Tappan, BSN
Julie Juste of New City, BSN
Ashley Keane of West Nyack, BSN
Shoshana Kern of Monsey, BSN
Hisa Konno of Pearl River, BSN
Joseph Kozma of Pearl River, BSN
Rochelle Lao of West Nyack, BSN
Siena Lecorps of Spring Valley, BSN
Kozeta Lleshi of New City, BSN
Christine Lombardo of Garnerville, BSN
Deirdre Lyons of New City, BSN
Stacey Marrero of Stony Point, BSN
Florence McIntyre of Stony Point, BSN
Danielle Medina of Nyack, BSN
Elger Montesclaros of Bardonia, BSN
Arshad Nelson of Pomona, BSN
Christine Page of Pearl River, BSN
Clare Christa M Parilla of New Hempstead, BSN
Aakruti Patel of Stony Point, BSN
Shalmi Rajan of West Nyack, BSN
Carrie Anne Reynes of Orangeburg, BSN
Frances Romero of New City, BSN
Jacqueline Rosenthal of New City, BSN
Christina Small of Nanuet, BSN
Geraldine Sweeney of Tomkins Cove, BSN
Selina Varughese of New City, BSN
Ketty Zinck of Nyack, BSN
Jan-Yves Amit of New City, BSW
Ernest Capobianco of Pearl River, BSW
Theresa Lopez of Garnerville, BSW
Nokwanda Mosia of Blauvelt, BSW
Melinda De Leon of Chestnut Ridge, DPT
Noreen Knips of Pomona, DPT
Roger Adams of Pomona, MBA
Marissa Campbell of Suffern, MBA
Gagandeep Cheema of Chestnut Ridge, MBA
Munkhjargal Ganbold of Nanuet, MBA
Maria McNamara of Pearl River, MBA
Manu Nair of Spring Valley, MBA
MaryElizabeth Boney of Garnerville, ME
Kristina Califano of Pomona, ME
Cassandre Chery of Spring Valley, ME
Drew William Craig of Nyack, ME
Daniel Fernandez of Suffern, ME
Sarah Francis of Bardonia, ME
Mary Miller of Suffern, ME
Matthew Sorice of Suffern, ME
James Tierney of Stony Point, ME
Stephanie Vargas of Thiells, ME
Elizabeth Benoy of Congers, MS
Nicole Caselli of Congers, MS
Jonathan Green of Suffern, MS
Judy Joseph of Tappan, MS
Myrlene Madelon of New City, MS
Jaya Mathew of Airmont, MS
Jennifer Poterbin of W. Nyack, MS
Elizabeth Rooney of Nanuet, MS

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