Cuomo Seeks State Fiscal Monitor for East Ramapo Schools

Move applauded in Rockland


NEW CITY – Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called upon state education officials to appoint a fiscal monitor for the troubled East Ramapo School District.

The change in position by Cuomo was quickly applauded in Rockland County.

“Working together with Governor Cuomo we will be able to get real results through a fiscal monitor for the children of the East Ramapo School District,” said state Sen. David Carlucci, D-New City. “Proper fiscal oversight will make sure students receive the resources they need to succeed.”

The district has been under fire from within its communities because of extensive cuts in staff and programs, which have hit the district’s large minority student population hard. The school board has been accused of cutting resources to the public schools to benefit private, religious-offiliated schools in the area.

A group of religious leaders from a wide array of faiths in Rockland County has been lobbying for the state government to take action to protect students in the East Ramapo public schools.

While Cuomo’s office has not yet issued a statement on the fiscal monitor, Carlucci’s office says it has confirmed Cuomo’s support.

Republished with permission

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