To the Editor,

Ten stars to Dylan Skriloff! I just read your article in the Rockland Times about the condo embezzlement case. This one is small potatoes compared to the ones I hear about on a weekly basis. HOAs and COAs are nothing but a thieves’ paradise! I became heavily involved in studying HOAs after my own HOA discovered $10M unaccounted for and a board president that served for 26 years. When the investigation started he dropped dead at 60-years-old and while running for the board of another HOA in California where he had just purchased two places.

If you have not read “Neighbors at War” by Ward Lucas, I highly recommend it. He spent 40 years in the television industry as an investigative reporter. When he retired he exposed all the “dirty little secrets” of HOAs! His website is www.neighborsatwar.com. We have a very difficult time getting the media to report these stories. Thank you for being one outlet that did. You are helping us educate tens of thousands of people across the country.

Happy writing and reporting!


Nila Ridings
Overland Park, Kansas

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