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Anne Byrne, president of the National School Board association;
Anne Byrne, president of the National School Board association;

At this past Clarkstown board meeting on June 10 there were two special presentations to start the meeting off. Both presentations were related to students and schooling. Shavonne Davis, the 2013 Nanuet High school class president led the group in the pledge of allegiance. Nanuet High School’s concert choir sang the star spangled banner.

The Clarkstown Police Department presented their Youth Academy graduates for this year. Each year, a group of students goes through police academy-like training to see what it would be like. At the end they are awarded certificates from the town board and police department.

Nanuet High School Concert Choir
Nanuet High School Concert Choir

“You’re an example of the good things that are happening with the youth today,” said Councilwoman Shirley Lasker.

“I hope this was enlightening to you. I hope it helped you see if this is something you want to do or not want to do,” said Councilman Frank Borelli.

“I ask that you continue to be the role models that you are in this program,” said Councilman George Hoehmann.

Clarkstown Youth Academy Graduates
Clarkstown Youth Academy Graduates

“You’re the finest example of Clarkstown youth,” said Supervisor Alexander Gromack.

The next presentation was for an individual that has dedicated over thirty years of her life to school boards. Anne Byrne was recognized by the board for the impressive honor of becoming the president of the National School Board Association.

“I don’t get any money, but this is the best job in the world,” said Byrne. “We have to give them (the students) the opportunity to be whatever they want to be. Hopefully they will be kind and caring human beings. That is the most important. This is a great honor and great privilege. Student achievement is my number one priority. My job is to see if I can make a different in the life of a child.”

The town board members congratulated Byrne and spoke of her many achievements.

“Anne has always been a strong advocate for students in New York State. We are so proud,” said Gromack.

“It’s a great honor for you to receive this [appointment], and even more for the Nanuet School district and the town of Clarkstown. Congratulations,” said Hoehmann.

There were five public hearings held at the board meeting. The first was about adding sign requirements to new shopping in the neighborhood shopping zone district which will only affect new shops. The second had to do with parking within New City Hamlet Zoning. The third was about allowing a child care center at the Jewish Community Center in West Nyack. There wasn’t much discussion with those first three.

The fourth was a continuation about allowing related retail and non-related retail in commercial corporate parks. This public hearing will be continued on August 5.

Stephen Levine of Congers is not happy with the idea of unrelated retail, as it may detract from current businesses in the area.

“Common sense says it will hurt our businesses in our Hamlets,” said Levine.

The fifth public hearing was about rezoning three areas along Route 59. There are a few places that operate different from what they are zoned for, such as the auto dealerships along 304. They are zoned as light industrial office but functioning as retail. Also the Shops at Nanuet are zoned regional shopping and need to be changed to major regional shopping.

After the public hearing, and comments on agenda items, all the resolutions were adopted for the evening.

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