mission team 2013Nurse Practitioner, Beatrice Marseille, of Spring Valley, NY is preparing her team and supplies for the next medical mission to rural Haiti where she expects to provide care for over 500 islanders. Founder of a non-profit organization called “One Vision for Haiti,” Ms. Marseille delivers basic health care to residents of rural Haiti, where there is often no access to care. The trip is scheduled for June 21, 2014.

“It is not an easy trip,” said Beatrice. “Haiti is a very poor country and it is very slow to see progress. When I return to my village each year, we are still traveling a lot by foot and hauling supplies by cart.” Unable to find some supplies in Haiti, and in an effort to reduce time shopping while there, Beatrice and her team organize requests for donations and cash to purchase supplies. Her wish list includes non-perishable food items like crackers, peanut butter, energy bars, and powdered juices. They also collect medical supplies such as gloves, bandages, dressings and even flashlights so that examinations can continue into the nights where no electricity exists.

You can donate and learn more about One Vision for Haiti at www.Onevisionforhaiti.org.

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