The Informer” A Saga Of Irish Justice At Shades Repertory, Haverstraw

By George J. Dacre

Gypo Nolan, an Irish revolutionary, saw his chance to make some money and have a good time and gave up a comrade to the British but Commander Dan Gallagher and cohorts track him down in Dublins pubs and brothels and shoot him dead. Nolan, a hard drinking man, flouts his money in the bars and brothels and leaves a trail not difficult to follow. The British kill his comrade Frankie

McPhillip and Gypo justifies it by stating Frankie had consumption and was dying anyway and says Gyp “I did no harm to the cause” This is the basic story of the Informer that played before an audience of about fifty people at the Central Presbyterian Church last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. “The Informer” was writtten by Joe Mc Donald who holds a special interest in the Irish. It was directed by Shades Artistic Director Samuel Harps and featured a large cast including

Andrew Whitney as Gypo, Ken Fishel as Frankie McPhillip, Robert Vasquez as Commander Dan Gallagher, Marisa Gore as Mary McPhillip, Moira Box as Mrs. McPhillip, Ryan Danahy as Rat Mulligan, Noreeen Gallucci as Maggie, Derek Tarson as Bert Mulholland, Gordon Woloitra as O’Flynn. The play was well directed and the actors really into this tragedy that concentrates on the devotion of the Irish revolutionaries to their members and depicts a part of Dublin that is not exemplary. There is violence, a lot of drinking, emotions of the heart and pathos in this vehicle.

I rate it Three Out Of Four Stars!!!

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