Announcement from Chris Day campaign for Congress

Chris Day:

“I’m very proud that the Rockland County Building and Construction Trades Council, an association of private sector local unions from Carpenters to Steamfitters to Electricians and everything in between, saw fit to give me their endorsement for the election this November.

“The leadership of this group of 21 private sector unions, after interviewing both me and my opponent, determined that my priority of enacting policies and pursuing action designed to bring new and better jobs, goal of fixing the damage done to our broken healthcare system by Obamacare, opposition to international trade deals that devalue the American worker, and focus on the needs of the working and middle class of this district set me apart from my opponent.

“I know it’s common for candidates to trumpet endorsements as ‘extremely important’ or ‘huge’ – however, to describe this endorsement in those words is no exaggeration.

“This is a group of traditionally Democratic Unions, taking a chance on a Republican challenger over a 26 year Democrat incumbent. It shows the incredible level of frustration throughout all segments of this district with the quality of representation we are currently receiving, and an understanding of the broad based appeal of my message of fresh ideas, independent action, and bringing the right kind of change to our district and nation.”

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