10500578_650623901680292_5763919220935281266_nOn June 25, 2014 Clarkstown Canine Officer Joseph Knarich was recognized as a NYS DCJS certified Maintenance Trainer and Examiner for Patrol Police Dog and Narcotics Detection Police Dog. He completed this certification as a Apprentice Trainer with the City of Yonkers Police Department. He was the assistant trainer for a Basic Police Patrol Dog Class that graduated today. This 17-week school included the training of new police dogs for the City of Yonkers, City of Mount Vernon, Town of Ramapo and the County of Westchester in areas of obedience, agility, tracking, narcotics detection, and other police related functions. Attending this graduation ceremony was Lt. Robert Donaldson, a 33-year veteran who is retiring on Friday, Lt. Donaldson and his German Shepherd “Ando” was the Department’s first K-9 Team from 1986 to 1993. PO Knarich was awarded a plaque by the graduation class in recognition of his training instruction and leadership.

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