The cheat who stole from Cleats and Sneaks sentenced to 18 – 36 months in stir

Recently the long-running family-owned business of Cleats and Sneaks on Rt. 59 in Nanuet announced it will be closing up shop after decades of serving Rockland.

Their date with destiny wasn’t helped by the malfeasance of one of their own employees; one Karl Davenport, 26-years-old, of 3 Ward Lane in Hillcrest. Davenport had been stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise from his employers between March 13 and October 15, 2013. Finally management caught on and had him arrested.

This week Davenport was sentenced by Rockland County Court Judge William K. Nelson to a state prison term of 18 months to three years after pleading guilty to criminal possession of stolen property in the fourth degree.

District Attorney, Thomas P. Zugibe stated that the defendant had been selling the stolen merchandise on eBay. When they searched the defendants home approximately $3,000 worth of stolen merchandise from Cleats and Sneaks, was recovered. It is not known how many thousands of dollars of merchandise he lifted overall

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