Carl Cox Studios: Say Goodbye to your Rolodex


CRC_5899-EditThough the Rockland County Times’ circulation continues to rise, in recent years the rise in digital technology has presented a challenge to many other print mediums. Thanks to one local photographer, traditional business cards and the accompanying chore of flipping through a crowded Rolodex can be added to the list of threatened print species and pastimes.

Photographer Carl Cox, owner of Carl Cox Studios in Pomona, launched his “Business E-Card” idea this April. According to Cox, “print photography is a dying art,” so he seized the opportunity to create e-cards for companies, a development he calls “the wave of the future.” Simply put, Business E-Cards are a modernized version of traditional business cards that can be viewed on a mobile device or computer.

The most important aspects of Cox’s Business E-Cards are interactivity and efficiency. A typical e-card is about 25 seconds long, and includes photographs, video, voice-overs, and clickable links with contact information for the company. In using different forms of media, Cox says, “Companies can establish an emotional connection with clients before they even pick up the phone.”

E-Cards can be easily embedded within emails or websites, and within seconds, sent out to scores of potential clients anywhere in the world, an advancement that traditional paper business cards simply cannot offer. Cox explains, “The goal is to have customers sold after watching the e-card and before they even pick up the phone.”

In Rockland County alone, Cox has already helped many businesses attract new clients with Business E-Cards. Maggie Page is the owner of Maggie’s Organizing and Staging, a business that specializes in organizing and beautifying home, storage, and office spaces.

Cox recently created a Business E-Card for Maggie’s Organizing and Staging, and according to Page, the results were astounding. After sending the e-card out to potential clients via email, Page received phone calls from clients saying, “Just come over and start! We want to see you organize our home.”

Page noted, “I got a client that I didn’t even have to see face to face! It is an amazing product and it saved me so much time. It creates an opportunity to reach so many people so easily”. Page calls Cox “a perfectionist with his work,” a trait that ensures a beautifully edited finished product.

Currently, there are approximately just 51 studios in the United States offering Business E-Cards, and Carl Cox Studios is among the best. Cox welcomes Rockland County business owners to stop by his Pomona studio, or to take a look at his own Business E-Card, which can be viewed on his website,


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