Clarkstown Police Public Service Announcement – Money Scam


The Clarkstown Police Department would like to alert the public about another money scam.  This scam consists of receiving a phone call from someone who states that a member of your family has been arrested.

The caller then instructs the victim to contact an attorney and provides the victim with the attorney’s name and contact information. When the victim calls the alleged attorney he/she then receives instructions to send cash in the form of prepaid money cards which are to be used for either bail or to pay for damages depending upon which scam is purported.

The victim purchases the money cards in the specified amount that was requested and calls the alleged attorney back providing the card’s serial number.  In some cases the victim receives a second call requesting additional funds.

The Clarkstown Police Department urges residents to call them at 845-639-5800 if they receive a similar type call or prior to sending money following an unconfirmed telephone solicitation.

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