Dear Governor Cuomo and Secretary Burgess,

There is no need at all for United Water Suez’s desalination project in Rockland County New York. We have plenty of water for the long term future. After all, we receive 50 inches of rainfall per year, and our aquifers recharge at a healthy, sustainable rate. I’m an environmental engineer and I have lived in Rockland County for 57 years, and I have studied this matterin depth.

Again, United Water’s costly, and unnecessary, proposal for a desalination plant on the Hudson River is not needed. And also, please note that:

* Contrary to corporate projections, demand for water has not increased – in fact, it has decreased;

* There are easily accessible, affordable and sustainable ways to curb demand;

* A newly created task force will ensure Rockland County water use stays well below the available supply;

* Building an expensive, energy-intensive and environmentally damaging desalination plant will irreparably harm the economy and ecosystem of Rockland County.

* Rockland does not want water drawn 3.5 miles downstream from a leaking nuclear power plant.

* The PSC should put a HALT to Suez/UW spending OUR money on permits. No more out of control spending of OUR money on their failed project!

There is no need for a new water supply before 2020. Also, I recommend lifting the milestones for UW to supply more water until/unless need is clear.

Thank you very much.


Thomas J. O’Reilly
Pearl River

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