Stony Point Board Approves PBA Contract, Hires New Police Officer


On the night when Stony Point’s newest patrolman was officially cleared for hire by the Town, the Board also unanimously approved a memorandum of agreement to sign a new four year contract (2014—2017) with the Stony Point PBA. Supervisor Geoff Finn and Councilmen Jim White and Tom Basile all commented on how well the contract negotiations went, with both sides showing great respect for each other as well as the taxpayers of the Town. The terms of the contract, which White characterized as “fair for all,” will be made available to the public once both parties have signed off, Finn later said. He also noted that the terms are very similar to those in the previous contract.

The Board also approved the hire of Michael McCune as the Town’s newest police officer. McCune had recently graduated from the police academy, thus sparing the Town that additional expense as well as enabling him to begin his service and on the job training immediately. He hails from a family with a long history of public service and is looking forward to starting his career in Stony Point.

The Board also approved the fireworks permit submitted by the Wayne Hose Company which clears the way for the Wayne Day Bazaar fireworks display scheduled for this coming Friday. Additionally the Town agreed, along with other businesses and individuals, to become a fireworks sponsor by making a $1,000 donation. Councilman White commented that “it’s nice not to have to go to Haverstraw to see fireworks, for a change.” Finn later noted that there have been no fireworks displays in the Town of Stony Point since the late 1990s.

The Highway Department received approval to pay $1,000 for a proposal to determine the extent to which asbestos removal might be necessary prior to the demolition of the house at 15 Smith Street. The money will not go toward the removal or the demolition itself. The house is situated on Highway Department property, purchased several years ago for the purpose of eventual department expansion once the structure is disposed of. White noted that the neighboring residents should be kept informed about the department’s activity; Highway Supervisor Larry Brising responded that letters have been sent to the surrounding homeowners.

The Board additionally approved a contract with Rockland Web Design to completely overhaul the Town’s official website. Rockland Web Design has also expressed an interest in digitally recording Town meetings and putting them on the site for public access.

During public input Stony Point resident Susan Filgueras questioned the Board about rumors that the Town is considering selling its sewer treatment plant. She stated she was especially wary because she believed the Town had previously sold a public asset—the cell tower leases—without any public input. She called for the Board to keep any negotiations transparent and open to public discussion. Supervisor Finn responded that currently there are no plans to sell the sewer plant. There has been some talk, he said, of conducting a study to determine the feasibility of consolidating Stony Point’s sewer district with Rockland County’s, but he claims that those talks are only very preliminary, and right now have not led to any action.

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