Appalled citizens fighting back against memorials to killer of Jersey City police officer

CLIFFVIEW PILOTAlthough a street shrine for the killer of 23-year-old rookie Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago was torn down last night, two more have taken its place — one just blocks away and the other online.

A group was in the process of assembling thousands of online petition “like”s to convince Facebook to remove the “Memorial Support Page” for the man who killed Santiago and then was slain himself in a gunfight with police over the weekend.

As the number of likes swelled past 7,000, the “memorial” page was taken down — only to replaced by another.

“This page is a disgrace and needs to be shut down immediately,” Danielle Quintino of Hasbrouck Heights wrote on the original “memorial” page. “Facebook needs to do the right thing.”


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