Famed comic Bobcat Goldthwait coming to Rockland


cCvabqC8NEW CITY – Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, known for his acerbic stand-up routine and role as Zed in the “Police Academy” series, will be performing at the Palisades Mall’s Levity Live Comedy Club at the end of the week. Bobcat will show off a style that has slightly changed with his shifting priorities, but remains uniquely his.

Since his debut as a stand-up comic in the 1980s, Goldthwait has crafted a routine which relies on the typical calling out of everyday absurdities with sprinklings of political satire and dark humor. In his 1980s heyday he relied heavily on an “alter-ego” comic persona that spoke in a strange voice. After a brief retirement from stand-up in the 2000s, he returned to the mic with a resolve to invest himself into projects that interest him. He now only sometimes relies on the alter-ego.

As his career progressed Goldthwait focused on writing, producing and directing, following his own comedic instincts wherever they happen to take him. Golthwait explained in an interview with the Rockland County Times that though his film-making and stand-up are largely separate, he enjoys investing himself into anything he does.

“I trickle through in all the movies I make,” Goldthwait said. “I’m not interested in making movies for fame or for financial gain. These are just stories that I love telling.”

Most recently, Goldthwait completed a found footage horror film about Sasquatch hunters dubbed “Willow Creek.” Now, aside from a few stand-up shows each month, he is focusing his energy on a sketch show for TruTV and a documentary on political satirist Barry Crimmins.

Golthwait explained the film-making process tends to be more comprehensive, while stand-up is a unique challenge requiring spontaneity and novelty to meet different expectations.

Regardless of the medium, however, Goldthwait said he feels comfortable whenever he can see a bit of himself in the final product. Even in his most recent stand-up special for the Showtime network, “You Don’t Look the Same Either,” he found himself in familiar territory as both a character actor and a comedian.

“I’m just going to keep pursuing the things that I find exciting,” Goldthwait said.

Goldthwait will perform five shows from June 18 through June 20. It is his first time performing at Levity Live.

Goldthwait is also on Twitter at www.twitter.com/bcgoldthwait.

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