LALOR: New York Shouldn’t Host Flood of Illegal Immigrants

Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I – Fishkill) released a statement today criticizing Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minor’s offer to host some of the recent flood of illegal immigrants in New York.

“The answer to the illegal immigration crisis isn’t to move the problem to another part of the country,” said Lalor. “We need to send the illegal immigrants flooding our borders home as soon as possible. A layover in Syracuse doesn’t help. This crisis is the result of liberals pushing for amnesty. People are risking their lives to flood the border because of the amnesty movement. It’s a dangerous situation and it can’t continue. Mayor Miner is only contributing to the problem when she tries to score a few cheap political points with her offer. We don’t know who is flooding our border. Criminals are mixed in with all of the other illegal immigrants. We don’t need this problem to spread to New York.”

Lalor continued, “Governor Cuomo needs to speak out on the issue. Does he want New York to host these illegal immigrants? Even liberal Democrats like Congressman Steve Israel and Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy have opposed the transfer of these illegal immigrants into their communities. Governor Cuomo should let us know where he stands.

“There are millions around the world waiting on line to immigrate legally,” Lalor added. “It isn’t easy and the process is long, but they’re trying to do the right thing. What message are we sending to legal immigrants? Immigrants have been a vital part of America’s success. They will continue to contribute to our greatness. But, this current crisis won’t be solved with cheap political stunts. The children forced to flee across our border have suffered. It has to stop. They need to go home and American politicians should stop using them as props.”

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