Nyack Village Theatre Showing “Twelve Angry Men”


Richard Quinn, Nyack Village Theatre
Richard Quinn, Nyack Village Theatre

Nyack Village Theatre, Nyack’s smallest theatre, situated in the back of an office building in the heart of downtown Nyack, has been gaining a positive
reputation for its live dramatic performances.

Currently the classic “Twelve Angry Men” is showing at the upstairs venue at 94 Main Street.

“Putting 12 men on stage at the same time is a challenge,” admitted theatreowner and show director Richard Quinn. With this show, he has pulled it off.

Quinn, born on Staten Island, worked many years in Manhattan on many productions and learned the whole gamut of the entertainment business. He founded the Rockland World Radio (http://www.rocklandworldradio.com) Internet radio station 11 years ago and Nyack Village Theatre seven years ago.Currently both  are housed in the historic Woolworth building built in 1905.

Musicals produced at Nyack Village Theatre are sometimes broadcast on Rockland World Radio over the Internet. Last year Quinn directed “Wild Children,” a show written by Vincent Pastore
of The Soprano’s and produced by local actor Paul Borghese.

“Twelve Angry Men” opened last week and will continue to run through August. Performances are scheduled for
July 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26 and August 1 and 2, all at 8 p.m.

Call 201-694-0610 or visit www.nyackvillagetheatre.com.

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