“Nanny” Carlucci says “sunscreen expiration date” legislation will protect public


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Is the government doing a good enough job protecting you from the hazards of outdated sunscreen? Not according to State Senator David Carlucci.

The sophomore senator thinks New Yorkers are in danger of from sunscreen over three years old and he is working to pass a new law that mandates expiration dates be placed on bottles of sunscreen.

Carlucci cites a recent report from Consumer Reports that claimed sunscreen remains at its original strength for only about three years. The active ingredient in sunscreen also breaks down if left in hot environments. A clear and conspicuous label indicating the date after which a sunscreen product is no longer viable or effective is necessary to alert the consumer of the added risks of sun exposure they may encounter, says Carlucci.

Carlucci’s not alone. He cajoled Clarkstow Supervisor Alex Gromack to get on the expiration date bandwagon. The supervisor said in support of the law, “The summer is a time for families around Rockland to enjoy the outdoors. Here in Clarkstown we have some of the best public pools and spaces around for outdoor activities. I want to thank Senator Carlucci for acting proactively and protecting people by requiring life-saving expiration labels on sunscreen.”

Even Congresswoman Nita Lowey chimed in. She said, “Protecting ourselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays prevents skin cancer and starts with being informed about sunscreen. Consumer protection laws regarding UVA radiation that I called for in 2007 have allowed families in the Lower Hudson Valley to make better decisions for their health and safety while they enjoy the summer sun. I support Senator Carlucci’s effort to require expiration dates on sunscreen sold within the Empire State and will continue to work in partnership with him to protect New York consumers.”

Well readers, what do you think?

We here at the Rockland County Times aren’t buying it! When sunscreen stops working, the consumer will be the first to notice and it won’t take long. We are more likely to die of an overprotective and busy-body government than from outdated sunscreen.

Nice try Dave. You may mean well, but in this case, you’re just being a big government nanny.

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