Nyack Village Theatre takes You into the Jury Room in “Twelve Angry Men”


This is a play that will involve you right from the beginning to the end. “Twelve Angry Men” is the story of 12 men put together in a room to decide the fate of a young man charged with first degree murder in the stabbing and killing of his father, a capital offense that could carry the death penalty.

In the jury room, the men gather and without any deliberation take a vote. It turns out to be 11 for guilty and just one not guilty. What follows is a dissection of the case by juror number eight portrayed by actor John Mirabella (the only not guilty vote) and the arguments sometimes become almost physical.

Jury foreman and number one juror, played by actor Joe Remy, tries to get the dialogue going and one by one, as the facts of the case are dissected, jurors change their minds. The question is raised about the eyesight of an eyewitness to the killing, a woman in the next building who says she saw the son kill the father. Even the competency of the defense attorney is brought into question.

This drama is enacted on Nyack Village Theatre’s small stage, but it contains enough room for the 12 actors and the juror room guard, played by Mercedes Kent, to bring the story to the audience in a very dramatic and professional presentation. The actors making up rest of the jury are John Bale, Harry Leavey, Jorge Ramos, Kevin Dutkowsky, Mike DeLuca, Jim Triola, Richard Rivera, David Bieday, Manuel Mayz and Don Lee.

The play, directed by Richard Quinn, is well-presented and I rate “Twelve Angry Men” three stars out of four . Catch it this weekend or next at Nyack Village Theater, Main St., Nyack. 845-358-1160.

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