The Congressional Dodger


Nita Lowey is dodging an October debate at the Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship Church in New City where WRCR hosted a very successful debate between Ed Day and David Fried during the election for County Executive last year.

The Chris Day campaign was contacted two weeks ago by a representative of Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship that they were planning a Congressional debate for October 9th at 7:00 PM, to be held at the church and broadcast on WRCR radio with Steve Possell as one of the moderators.

Gracepoint has a huge auditorium fully equipped for the broadcast of political debates. Day accepted even though he is to be married the very next night.

The debate organizers have now reported that despite repeated phone calls, and emails neither Ms. Lowey nor a representative of her campaign has given them even the courtesy of an acknowledgment of their invitation.

What is Congresswoman Lowey hiding from?

She will be given an opportunity to provide her position on the state of the East Ramapo School system; why minority children are being denied a proper education; why there is a chicken slaughterhouse being proposed for New Square; and why there is rampant corruption in New York State that according to the New York Times is being covered up by Governor Cuomo.

Where in the world is Nita Lowey?

This congressional dodger may feel a sense of entitlement that she can hide from a debate about the issues facing Rocklanders but she can not hide from the voters of Rockland County in November.

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