Judge threatens Delhomme with arrest warrant unless summer camp is re-opened

SPRING VALLEY – After weeks of tension over the fate of Spring Valley’s summer camp program, there might finally be a resolution.

On Thursday, State Supreme Court Judge Gerald Loehr ordered Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme to comply with a July 2 Village Board resolution re-opening the summer camp after the mayor’s dismissal of Youth Director Sonia Barton. Though Delhomme protested the decision, he eventually agreed to comply when Loehr warned him non-compliance would force the judge to issue a warrant for the mayor’s arrest.

The decision was confirmed by Village Attorney Jerrold Miles, who stated the camp, normally held at the Louis Kurtz Civic Center, would be open for at least two weeks of the summer. It is unclear how many children will attend the program given its late start.

The conflict over the camp began after Barton’s abrupt dismissal by Delhomme. VillageTrustees Emilia White, Vilair Fonvil and Asher Grossman passed a resolution re-opening the camp and requested Barton’s return.

Though the Board successfully passed the resolution, they were forced to seek Loehr’s assistance when Delhomme refused to comply. Delhomme argued renovations at the Civic Center and continued personnel issues forced the mayor to cancel the summer camp.

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