New City woman reports Green Dot phone scam

NEW CITY – Clarkstown police announced on Friday that residents should be wary of a telephone scam targeting customers who are made to believe they are undergoing a tax audit.

Police reported a 46 year old woman was contacted by an unknown caller who claimed to be with the IRS. The caller stated the woman was being audited and threatened her with arrest for tax evasion unless she sent money to the caller via a Green Dot money card.

The woman complied with the caller’s demands, placing over $5,000 on a Green Dot money before relaying the card’s number to the caller. When the caller demanded more money, the woman became suspicious, contacted a family member and was informed of the scam.

Similar scams have afflicted Rockland residents for several months. They usually involve non-locals calling in English or Spanish and threatening reprisal unless the victim places a certain amount of money on a Green Dot card. Usually, the callers represent themselves as authority figures such as IRS agents, police officers or bill collectors sent by utilities.

Anybody who has been called by an individual suspected of engaging in this scam is encouraged to contact Clarkstown Police at 845-639-5800.

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