Spring Valley Mayor released after four days in jail, summer camp program to proceed


On Tuesday morning, Supreme Court Judge Loehr ordered Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme’s release from jail after the mayor spent four nights locked up for civil contempt.

Delhomme had been in the custody of the County jail since last Friday. He was held on charges that he refused to obey the court’s previous order to immediately make the Kurtz Civic Center available for the village’s summer camp program and to cease interfering with the opening and operation of the camp.

Village Attorney Jerrold Miles communicated the Mayor’s agreement to keep the Center open and accessible, repair surveillance cameras, pay Camp Director Sonia Barton and provide a credit card for the purchase of camp supplies.

Delhomme also agreed to remain away from the premises while camp was in session and refrain from interfering with its operation and personnel. Village Trustee Vilair Fonvil later stated that as of tomorrow, about 60 children will sign up for the truncated summer program, which is expected to last two weeks.

The dispute about the camp arose after three members of the Village Board approved a July 2 resolution to open the camp and hire Sonia Barton as its director. Barton had been the program director for the last 14 years before she was summarily fired this past winter.

Prior to the court order, Delhomme alleged that he was justified in firing Barton for purported misconduct.

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