COMP SCI 101: The Great Windows 9 Solution


Andy Blecher, Network Engineer and Managing Partner of Rockland County's Backplane Technology Group
Andy Blecher, Network Engineer and Managing Partner of Rockland County’s Backplane Technology Group

So, Windows 9 is on the horizon…

All of the drama with Windows 8 is coming to a close – at least it looks that way. Windows 9 looks as though Microsoft did finally listen to the complaints. Or maybe it was the bottom line. Yeah, I think so too.

In all honesty, Windows 8 was as close to the nightmare that was Windows Millenium that I have ever seen. Aside from the obvious confusion it caused the average user, Windows 8 acted as if it were an incomplete operating system. As if some of the code that makes it work was missing. In reality, it wasn’t complete. Enter Windows 8.1 update.

This update completed the operating system. A lot of features were added that made things run as they should. Still, no start menu. More confusion. More complaints and less adoption. Was Microsoft listening? Apparently, they were. Bottom lines are funny that way. Exit Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer. Enter a new CEO, Satya Nadella, and a new vision.

Immediately, I started reading about a new update to Windows 8.1 that, for one, would bring back the start menu. That update may still happen though I believe at this point the menu will return with Windows 9. From what I see it looks good. A lot more fluid. The start menu incorporates the usual start menu programs but also apps that can be added and deleted. Windows 9 also seems to incorporate an intuitiveness that I suggested should be there way back at the launch of Windows 8. By intuitive I mean that Microsoft envisioned one operating system for all devices. Good concept but it was doomed. What was missing was the ability of the operating system to know what device it was installed on. Windows 9 has that ability. So if you’re on a PC, Windows 9 will know and adjust for the keyboard and mouse. If you’re using a tablet it may give you the Metro tiles in place of the desktop in addition to enabling touch screen. This is a great start.

I believe we’re almost out of the woods.

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