Source documents: Brega bus had emitted strange odor before bursting into flame in February incident

Documents from an internal investigation into a February bus fire in Pearl River reveal that the bus driver called Brega dispatch complaining of strange odors emanating from the rear wheel area prior to the fire. Records show that when a perfunctory inspection failed to reveal anything suspicious beyond the odor, the dispatcher instructed the driver to continue on the route. Shortly thereafter a major fire broke out behind the wheel.

The Rockland Legislature this week voted 13 -3 to provide funding for daily bus washes, hoping to recover most of the approximately $300,000 annual projected cost from the federal government. The Brega bus fire was pointed to as a reason for daily bus washing, however, there has been no evidence provided indicating dirtiness played a role in the fire.

Attached is a photo gallery featuring document testimony of the fire incident.


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