Letter to Alden H. Wolfe

Chairman, Rockland County Legislature,


I read your press release expressing your shock and disappointment in response to recent events of hate in Pearl River. While we share your disgust, we believe that we need to wait until the talented Orangetown Police Dept. completes its investigation to identify the perpetrators.

With all due respect, we were taken aback with your suggestion that you would like to see a bipartisan commission to examine these alleged crimes. Our Human Rights Commission consists of a diversified group of very able volunteers representing all the towns in the county. The legislature approved their appointments. These volunteer commissioners work at no cost the county and have combined experience of 100 years in the arena of human rights. Despite their dedicated service to the community, you chose to ignore this group and suggested to form some other commission to study the unfortunate events in our community.

I believe that you should abandon the idea of forming some other commission and suggest that our endowed volunteer commissioners can study such events. However, we need to draft certain guidelines and goals of any such studies and have a clear outcome of actions.

Ram Nagubandi
Commissioner, Rockland County Commission on Human Rights

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