To Ed Cox,

Ed, the RINOs, complicit in the Albany dysfunction, are doing the same thing to Rob [Astorino] that they did to me. They have not only laid down but they are overtly campaigning against Rob, and it will get worse because Cuomo owns them and has the money.

This statewide race is about upstate and Long Island verses New York City- and the enemy owns the upstate legislators. You hold your office because the upstate party people put you there but your refusal to confront the demons has generated significant discussion that the party needs new leadership with a whole different approach.

Do you now see why I begged you guys to denounce the RINO legislators last October? Had you cleansed the party, this kind of treachery would not be on the front page. The cowards would be frightened to say anything. Instead, even with Cuomo on the ropes [due to the Moreland scandal], he can depend upon the complicit Republican wimps to praise him.

Are we going to limp to the finish line or take off the gloves, denounce Senate Chair Dean Skelos, Assembly Chair Brian Kolb and the traitors in the legislative caucus and illustrate to Republican,Conservative and Independent voters that their leadership and candidates have values, principals and a set of balls.

Rob, wasting time speaking to Black ministers instead of going to the Erie County fair (and the dozens of fairs all around the State) with daily press conferences launching volleys against the Albany cesspool, is insane.


Carl Paladino
2010 GOP gubernatorial nominee

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