Dear Governor Cuomo, Commissioner King & Attorney General Schneiderman:

In recent months I have been publicly exposing the dilapidated state and questionable summer rental of the public schools in the East Ramapo Central School District on my website:

I was recently informed that emergency repairs are scheduled for Kakiat Elementary and Ramapo High Schools. The third school I have been focusing on, Chestnut Ridge Middle School, is still of major concern.

The two aerial photographs (attached) were taken by Rosspilot on August 6 of the “temporary” swimming pools that are under construction by Camp Shalom at Chestnut Ridge Middle School. Camp Shalom, a private day camp that doesn’t accept public school children, ends its session on Friday, August 22. School begins on Thursday, September 4.

The lease (attached) is very specific concerning the removal of these “temporary” pools prior to school starting and the restoration of the school grounds. I direct you to these sections:

Page 4 of the lease #6 “Tenant’s Maintenance and Repair Obligations

Page 6 of the lease #8 “Alterations and Additions”

I wish that I could further help the public school children in East Ramapo. Unfortunately, Superintendent Dr. Joel Klein doesn’t want me to anymore. He sent me a cease and desist (attached) preventing me from entering any of the public schools and threatened criminal prosecution if I disobey.

Please read the article in the Rockland Journal News concerning Dr. Klein’s decision to ban me from his district:

Here is my official response to his decision:

Kurkela fires back at East Ramapo for school property ban

I maintain that the only solution to end the severe injustices being inflicted upon the public school children in East Ramapo is for the State to take full control of the district. The entire Board of Education and the Superintendent must immediately be relieved of their duties and an interim Superintendent and Board of Education should replace them.


Robert Ward Kurkela
New City

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