Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: 4 Paragraphs Guaranteed To Put Your Life In Perspective


If you take a few minutes to sit back and think about it, the purpose of life is to be happy. With that said though, the course of of true love never runs smooth. I have started to actually change my perception on love as I am in the process of writing my follow-up book. As I sit and think about how it has gone and where I would like to be, I landed on what I think the major problem with people and love is. The problem with love is that we all are about the happy ending. When love isn’t about the happy ending, it’s about the story of how we got there. I think about those people who are afraid of love. How can anyone be afraid of something that is intended to make you happy?

Happiness is a perception of your own reality. There are many people around the world who barely have the basic necessities to survive, who are very happy. Why? Because of their attitude, and the people they chose to have around them. There are people who are dancing through life and others who are crying through life. The irony is that life is the same, what we do is purely our choice. As you change your point of view, your views bring about a change in you.

Speaking about change, if you seriously think about, there are way too many misconceptions on love and relationships these days. For starters, there are many people who have dealt with heartbreak & someone close to you goes, “Oh, you’ll move on” or “You’ll get over it.” Or even better, “You’ll find someone else.” Love is not a thought, it’s a feeling. You can’t change your mind about someone once they have entered your heart. Sometimes we need someone to listen our problems, to laugh together, to calm us down when we feel hurt, not to judge our feelings. Another misconception about relationships is that if a couple is fighting they seriously don’t care about each other as they did during the “honeymoon” stage of their relationship. Fighting doesn’t always mean that you want to be right, sometimes you just care.

Many people have called me fearless, which I take as a sincere compliment. It’s just the way I have always lived my life. Why sit there and think about, “what if” when you can go out there and make something happen? Back in the day I was spontaneous, but as I grew up I have become a fearless woman who does think about things before doing them but once I decide to go at it, I dive in. The way I look at life is that, you can either be the bird who’s too afraid to fly or the one who’s too busy flying to feel scared. Being fearless isn’t about not being afraid. It is about being totally terrified but still standing up against your fear. Trust me, there are MANY times when I am scared to death when it comes to love and relationships, But I’m constantly evolving and challenging myself to be unafraid to make mistakes. Love is not about sex, fancy dates, or showing off. Its about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can. Love makes your heart move in a million different directions. It makes your soul shine and sparkle. Life is too short to worry about stupid things, it’s too short to not tell someone you love them and then live with that regret.

So, to the man I hope one day will be as fearless as me, let me start off by saying; somewhere between all our laughs, long talks and corny jokes, I fell in love. I still think about you, smile when I see you, grin when I hear you, miss you & want you. Nothing will change that. The most amazing love is the one you find by accident, the one whose relationship with you is unlike any other, and it fills you with joy that can’t be explained.

Life is traveled only once. Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory. Enjoy every moment; because the gift of life is LIFE itself.

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