Dear fellow residents of Rockland,

Pets are owned by at least 2/3 of all households in Rockland. Whether you are a pet owner, animal advocate or just a conscientious person, issues of stray or homeless animals present concerns for public health and safety of all who reside in this county. I believe that all pet owners hope that their beloved pets are safely cared for if they accidentally leave home that most of us also want homeless animals cared for in a clean, safe shelter until they are claimed by their owners or find new homes.

That animal care, control and welfare of homeless animals has been ignored by our very many elected officials for decades is, in my opinion, unconscionable. Rockland County is in dire need of a safe, secure , adequate animal shelter. The conditions at Hi-Tor are inhumane and intolerable for animals and the humans who care for them. While Hi-Tor might have been considered ‘state of the art’ when it first opened 40 years ago, conditions have seriously deteriorated and now are simply unacceptable to current standards of care and expectations. I urge all residents of Rockland to visit the shelter and make their own observations as to whether the facility is acceptable.

Town and county taxes subsidize Hi-Tor, though minimally at best – yet there seems to be no oversight as to the conditions of the facility or needs of the shelter. Many of our legislators, town supervisors and town council members have been in office for many years, some for decades. When last did any of them visit the shelter to witness the existing conditions? Are they proud of what they permit? What are they actively doing towards a new facility in the near future? Many of our representatives will be seeking your support for their re-election this year. I urge you all to make humanitarian animal care, public health & safety a priority for your vote.

Please contact your representatives and voice your concerns.


Amy Wertheim
Pearl River

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