GOP vs. GOP Civil War

Ed Day Calls Out Frank Sparaco


It is with great reluctance that I message you today, but events unfolding threaten both the well being of our party and the recovery of our county that has now started under my new administration.

Legislator Frank Sparaco, after being formally challenged and cited by the Clarkstown committee on behavior that included actively working for the opposition during last year’s general election, chose to resign from the committee instead of answering the charges. Now he is engaging in more conduct that in my humble opinion frankly renders him unfit to be a member of the Grand Old Party.

Legislator Sparaco, who some time back did some good things for our party, has for reasons only known to him compiled so many misdeeds it defies a count. But the Clarkstown Republican Committee well documented many of them, including collecting absentee ballots for David Fried and attacking fellow Republicans in a cowardly manner in social media by using pseudonyms. Of late, he unbelievably and publicly from the floor of the legislature characterized our GOP election campaign of last year as anti-semitic and hateful. He even contacted a local news editor with similar allegations and worse. He is the proverbial chameleon, talking like a good Republican on one hand while hurting our good name with the other.

This cowardly and traitorous conduct continues, as he is now forwarding a completely inaccurate “hit piece” in the NY Post to members of our committee. This “story,” THREE sentences in total, makes unsubstantiated allegations of a conflict of interest upon me that were most easy to respond to, which I did in FaceBook. The fact that the truth of the matter was NOT included in his message reveals just one more incident where Mr. Sparaco chose to spread ill will and negativity about others.

I have made every effort to stay out of the political machinations that have been going on for one critical reason – we have a county that needs to be led forward and that is my sole and primary focus. But Mr. Sparaco’s conduct has been so outrageous and so over the top, it truly could impact upon the recovery of our county and I felt compelled to message all of you. Also, we have good candidates this November that we desperately need to elect for the good of our community. Mr. Sparaco’s selfish, self centered, anti-Republican behavior can only hurt these efforts unless it is roundly condemned.

It is important that you are all aware of these dynamics so going forward, you can make the judgments necessary to ensure that the strides made in November do not get compromised by the outlandish behavior of one who talks about Republicanism but is actively working for his own self interests and against all of you who have helped us turn the corner. Staying on that path is crucial to the well being and future of Rockland, and we cannot let small, petty and selfish behavior distract from that mission.

As your county executive and the top elected official of our party, I am always available to speak to any committee person as you feel necessary. Thank you.



Edwin J. Day
County Executive
County of Rockland

Former Assembly Candidate Joseph Gravagna Threatens Ed Day with 2017 Primary Challenge


I find it very disappointing that you have gone out of your way to split the Republican Party since you have took office. Everyone knows that you and Frank Sparaco have been political rivals for years. With that said you had a chance to bring the party together after you were elected last November. However, you chose to push this so called disloyality agenda against Frank Sparaco.

May I remind you that in order to get elected you openly campaigned in Ramapo against the Republican Party at the town level with Preserve Ramapo. This campaign did real damage to our town slate last November. In addition you have been pushing to have Republican Chairman Vincent Reda step down. This is also could be considered disloyalty. May I remind you that without the Republican Party’s help you would have a hard time getting on the ballot. Lastly, you thought it was a good idea to have Frank Sparaco’s job with Clarkstown be eliminated by a fellow Republican.

Now let’s talk about your nonsense about political patronage. You repaid Preserve Ramapo by appointing Calherbe Monel as your economic development director. May I remind everyone that Mr. Monel was your running mate on the Preserve Ramapo line in Spring Valley last year.

In closing, instead of going out of your way to split the Republican Party you would be wise to end this nonsense of splitting the party. If you continue on this path you will face a Republican primary when you run for reelection. I would be happy to discuss this with you on the phone or in person feel free to call me anytime.


Joseph Gravagna

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