Even though 2014′ open enrollment period for health care has ended you still may be able to enroll and get financial assistance. Enrollment is open to those eligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plus; American Indians and Alaska Natives; and those within 60 days of a life-changing event, such as moving to New York State, getting married or divorced, adoption of a child, new US citizenship, lost employer insurance, or you are no longer eligible to be on a parent’s plan.

If you don’t qualify, the next time you can enroll in a health plan through NY State of Health is November 15, 2014 for coverage that begins in January 2015. Small businesses can enroll at any time during the year.

You can sign up either:

· Online:
· By phone: (toll-free) at 1-855-355-5777
· In-person: call 845-364-3394 to schedule an appointment with a Health Department Health Insurance Navigator, who speak English, Spanish and Creole

For more information email or call 845-364-3394.

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