Open letter from Robert Rhodes of Preserve Ramapo/Hudson:

Electoral politics should be a celebration of American Democracy in action. Unfortunately in New York State it has all too often been an exercise in dirty politics. Incumbents like Congresswoman Nita Lowey do their best to throw political threats off of the ballot.

Preserve Hudson was created to represent the people on the west side of the Hudson River who feel disenfranchised. Nita Lowey acts as if she is running a national campaign. We want a voice in Washington who cares about us and that is why we are supporting Chris Day for congress on the Preserve Hudson line.

Nita’s response to our concerns is clear—throw the bums off the ballot. She has assembled a team of lawyers who are doing their best to throw 2,000 of Chris Day’s Preserve Hudson supporters off of our petition. She is desperate to prevent Preserve Hudson from appearing on the ballot in November. Shame on Nita Lowey.


Robert I. Rhodes
Chairman, Preserve Ramapo

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