Houston man uncovers surprising scam by city cops


A Houston police officer handed another man a speeding ticket and probably didn’t realize that the offender he was citing was also a cop. What this ticket-receiving officer noticed on his paper slip though has led to a department-wide investigation.

KHOU-TV believes it uncovered a ticket scheme in which Houston officers include the name of another witness officer who was not actually present. This later results in overtime pay when the officer has to appear in court. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

“I immediately [knew] that something’s hinky with the ticket,” the man KHOU-TV only identified as Jerry said. “There was no other officer, he was the only officer there.”

The ticket, however, listed another officer as an additional witness.

KHOU launched an investigation into Jerry’s claims and uncovered an alleged “ticket-rigging scheme,” where cops listed on tickets who were not actually present at the time of the offense were cashing in on overtime when they appeared in court later.

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