Modern-Spotting: The Lost Eichlers of Rockland County, NY


One of three Eichler homes in Chestnut Ridge
One of three Eichler homes in Chestnut Ridge

Yes, there are Eichler homes in New York! They’re sometimes called “lost Eichlers,” as most of noted mid-20th century developer Joseph Eichler’s homes exist in Northern and, to a lesser degree, Southern California. Three custom-built Eichler houses, including one double A-frame, were constructed (and still stand) in the Rockland County, NY community of Chestnut Ridge, just north of Eichler’s hometown of New York City.

Joseph L. Eichler, whose modernist tract homes can be found throughout the Bay Area in Northern California as well as the Greater Los Angeles area, was one of the most celebrated residential home-builders of the mid-20th century. His homes are enthusiastically “collected” by modern design buffs, and their renovations appear on the covers of design and home decor magazines like Dwell and Metropolitan Home.

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