To the Editor,

Having been one of the people involved in “getting out the people” for last years and this years series of Public Service Commission hearings regarding United Water, I thank you for your continuous coverage of the situation. Last year I was part of an educational awareness out reach effort called “Water Week in Rockland Restaurants”, which raised awareness of issues surrounding United Water and their plans for a desalination plant on the shores of the Hudson River. We encouraged citizens to come to the public hearings (over 1,600 people came – a true record!) and raised funds to help in the Rockland Water Coalitions expenses in out reach and funding experts to testify on behalf of “the people.”Thirty five restaurants and hundreds of people participated last September in advance of the hearings as Rockland Restaurants Rallied for Safe Water.

This year, we are having a House Party for Water on September 28 at 3 p.m., as “Musicians Rally Against Rockland Desalination” and play music to help raise funds for the Rockland Water Coalition.Our amazing musicians: Tom Chapin, David Amram and Jeremy Wall, are stepping up to the plate for us, please step up to the plate for them. Citizens awake! Please come out in support of this special event and support the work of the Rockland Water Coalition. You will enjoy tasty treats from several of the fine restaurants that participated in Water Week in Rockland Restaurants, fantastic music from our truly humanitarian musicians and also enjoy a house tour of one of Rockland County’s coolest geothermal, energy efficient, recycled products home – a really great House Party!

Interested party-goers can go to for more information on the musicians, the event and to book their tickets.You can also go to as well or contact jacqui: event planner at As Pete Seeger said: “Participation – that’s what’s gonna save the human race.”

Jacqui Drechsler

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